Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Around the Scheer house it has been so stressful! Mom's 9th month of pregnancy, cabin fever, homeschooling, daddy doesn't feel well, and the winter blues have all hit at once. My family probably feels like it is in the episode of "Friends" where Rachel is overdue with baby Emma. She is in such a bad mood and is driving Phoebe and Monica nuts. That is how I feel every single day. My hormones are going crazy, the lower half of my body hurts, and no one has any idea what I want or how I want it done. Enough venting......... there a certain things that I feel need done right now in preparation for the baby, company, and m-i-l staying after baby is born. I can't do them, and that really frustrates me. On to happier subjects....

It is a beautiful day in my neighborhood today. Temp is very cold, but a gorgeous blue sky.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hi Everybody!

I have been inspired! I am going to redo my blog and actually post on it today. The past few months have been kinda a blur. Preparations for baby Liberty, homeschooling, and just being plain tired have taken up the majority of my time. But, enough excuses. I really miss blogging. It's is my digital journal.

We have exactly one month till Liberty Rae Scheer is born. I have a scheduled c-section on 2.29.08. She will be a leap year baby. Some people are excited about the prospect of a leap year baby, others think that we are horrible for doing that to our child. To each his own.

School is going great. Reading for J is coming along slowly, but he is a whiz at Math. I feel by the end of the school year (even though it will probably end up being a year-round school) He will be reading.( Please, Lord) Munchkin is doing excellent. Kindergarten is a breeze for him. Next year, we will be using My Father's World curriculum, and putting the boys in the same grade. We will seperate them into 1st and 2nd grade when it comes to Math and Language Arts. We continue to use a.c.e for these subjects.

I am doing pretty good. I am definately is full "nesting" mode. Emotions are running the gamuet. I told my husband last night the he would probably conspire secretly with the dr. to tie my tubes during my surgery. He has been such a trooper and it just shows how wonderful he is. I love him so much. Thanks Babe!

We are taking Munchkin to the dr. today, and I might have to take J sometime this week for a possible broken finger. Please keep all of us in your prayers.