Thursday, April 23, 2009

This is so cool!

I stole this picture from my sister-in-laws myspace page. This is a picture of my brother Christopher's plane leaving for Iraq. In the picture there is a rainbow in the sky. When I saw that I almost started crying. It was like God's personal promise to us that He would protect him and bring him home safely. Thank you Lord!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Amen Sister!.

I was scanning some blogs this morning, and I read this post and I needed this today. Sometimes Satan's guilt attack is more pronounced in my life than others. The last few weeks has been one of those times. I have learned over the years to just try to keep my thoughts in submission to God, and to sit and think through why I feel guilty about almost everything. What Satan tells us always has to have an element of truth in order for us to listen to him, but it is an element of truth mixed in with lies. I pulled out the book "The Holy War" by John Bunyun and started reading it last night. I have never read it. In the book in order to attack the city of Mansoul the enemy had to mix lies and truth in order for the people of the town to stop and listen to them. If it was an outright lie, the towns people would recognize it right away and flee. When we are aware of Satan's tactics, they aren't as useful anymore. But believe me he'll find new ones! With the Lord's help, I am going to live today in freedom, not bondage, be content and delight in my roles today. I'm tired of living life guilt-ridden.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Charleston, West Virgina Tea Party....

We couldn't attend yesterdays Tea Party, but supported it 100%!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Last night at our house.....

JACOB GOT SAVED!!! We are having revival meetings at our church this week. Every night Bro. David Harrison has been right on target in his preaching! Last night he preached on revival. Jacob always goes to the altar with Peter, so I really didn't think anything about it. As soon as we got home last night, he said,"Dad, I need to talk to you." Peter went into the office with him. We have been talk to Jacob about salvation for a long time. We told him it would be the Lord speaking to his heart about when to get saved. Jacob said that when he went up to pray, he knew that Lord was telling him to get saved. He said,"Mommy, I almost cried." Peter led him to the Lord, and you could just see how happy and relieved Jacob was! He was hugging everyone and smiling! We called all our family to tell them the good news! And we celebrated with popcorn! I am so thankful that God hasn't forgotten about us and is still in the saving business!!!! Praise the Lord!

Another thing God has done for me is put me back in touch with some of my closest friends from years ago. This is picture of me and my best friend when I was in elementary and junior high school. My mom gave her my email address and we have not stopped talking since! I would have never imagined we would be together again. When we saw each other for the first time, we couldn't stop talking! We are so alike it is scary! Our kids are about the same ages, and we are still serving the Lord. This is Sarah with her daughter Selah, and me with Liberty. Praise the Lord for good friends!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Our President.....

This was President Barak Obama in Turkey yesterday.....

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The West Virginia Home Show....

Yesterday we attended the West Virginia Home Show in Charleston (WV). We go every year because the company my brother in law works for,always has a booth there. Go here to see their website. Scott (b-i-l)made all the furniture, cabinets, and desks on this website. Anywhoooo...First, my hubby took us to T.G.I.Friday's YUM!

Then we went to the Charleston Civic Center and found Scott's booth, then we headed over to meet "The World's Strongest Man" Phil Pfister....

He was so nice! He signed a picture for all our kids, and some for my family. We took a group picture, but my camera decided to die right before, so Patricia (my-sister-in-law) took a picture. I did manage to take one picture.

It was a wonderful family day!