Tuesday, June 10, 2008

End of your life.....

Remind me next time when I am venting about how busy my life is, about the last two weeks... explain later when I have more time..

Tomorrow we leave for fort knox, youngest brother graduating! Congratulations Ben!!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Bible School Time again....

It is finally here....VBS time at our church. My husband and I are in charge of it this year. (actually more my dh but I like to take some credit) We are doing the "Good News Games". It is based on the Olympic theme. I am so excited. It is always so fun to be around church folks every night.

Homeschool has ended for the summer, but we will still do some fun things.

Liberty goes for her 2 month shots tomorrow. She is three months, but we put off her shots for one month. I've decided to use the vaccination schedule in Dr. Sears's book, "The Vaccine Book". I ordered it off of Amazon.com.

My family has a great opportunity this summer to minister my in-laws for a few weeks. Please pray that we (I) can always be mindful of ways to minister to them everyday. Not just when I have a good day.

More updates tomorrow.