Thursday, February 7, 2008

What's up......?

Alot has been happening around here in the last few days. I am finally feeling pretty normal...I am officially 37 weeks pregnant today. 3 more weeks to go. It still is totally unreal that I could have a baby today. Saturday the ladies at my church had a baby shower for me. It was so much fun. Our church family are an extention of our immediate family. We are so blessed. Liberty has received so many outfits that she would literally have to wear a new one every day to wear them all. God has really provided for our needs. Praise the Lord!!!

On Tuesday, my husband and J attended the West Virginia Republican Convention. My husband was originally supposed to be a delegate, but that didn't work out. He ended up going with Tom Roten and Lee Dean. He and j helped Tom with his radio show, and also got to stump for his favorite candidate at the same time. If anyone knows my husband, they know that his favorite candidate is Ron Paul. It was a super field trip for J and one I hope he never forgets. Both of them had so much fun! Mom and Munchkin stayed home....but had fun too.

Tomorrow my honey is leaving to go to SC to pick up my m-i-l, so she can be here for the new arrival in our household. Me and the boys are going to stay my parents for two days. Please pray for us this weekend.

Updates on Monday