Friday, August 24, 2007

Hey Guys!

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile! Everything around here has been so hectic with starting school and being pregnant! Today is the rehersal for my niece's wedding! She will be getting married tomorrow! We are all super excited! The boys will be ringbearers and my DH will be officiating the ceremony. My job is to just be there and look beautiful! (Which is kind of hard these days!)

I had a dr. appt. on Aug. the 13th. Everything went really well. The Dr. tried to hear the heartbeat, he heard it, but it was very hard to hear at 10.5 weeks through a doppler. My next appointment we will get to hear it better. Two weeks after my next appt. They will schedule my first ultrasound maybe to determine sex! My last dr. wanted you to have an ultrasound all the time, but every dr. is different!

School is going great! Finished week 5 last week. Took this week off for wedding plans! My in-laws are coming today! This is just the calm before the storm. (in a good way)!

Thanks for the beautiful card from my secret sister! I need that card so much! Thanks again!



Anonymous said...

Your welcome!

your {Secret Sister}

Beth said...

Glad to hear that everything is going well for you guys. Congrats on the baby.