Thursday, February 26, 2009

Our Morning.........

This is Jacob learning to count money.

Jacob working on some math problems on the board. Who has a dry erase board in their kitchen? I do!

Caleb working in his handwriting notebook.

Caleb finishing his math worksheet.

M.R.E.'s for lunch. If you have brothers in the military, and little boys in your house. You are bound to eat an M.R.E. sometime. ( If I had to eat them all the time, I would definately lose weight!)

As you can see our mornings are pretty filled. My house is a wreck, laundry needs done, and dishes need washed but these moments will never come again!

1 comment:

Rachel Smith said...

I had a dishwasher like that in Indiana. It was better than nothing!

I also have a dry erase board at my back kitchen entrance. It is for schooling Asher and for my menus and jotting down needed items from the store.

Also, I have had one too many of those military meals myself. Dad use to bring them home. Yucky! But again... better than nothing.

Love ya! Enjoy your day!