Monday, March 16, 2009

Some really great things....

The love of my friend.... and many other things! :)

Flylady has made it so much easier to tackle my housework that piles up while I homeschool. I now have certain things I do everyday. I do my routines, zone work, and Kelly's mission everyday. This help to keep semi-order in my house. It has freed me up to actually take my time during the day rather than rushing to get everything done and not doing a good job...Check it out!

Lapbooks We haven't done many lapbooks in the past, but I was trying to find on to do on the pioneers and came acrossed this site. It has several free lapbooks to be downloaded. We are going to do some of the Christian character lapbooks. My boys are still at an age that they enjoy doing these.

The 912 project On Friday night we attended a "We Surrond Them" viewing party. We had alot of fun, and met some great people. Check out this link for more information! We do not like the way our country is headed. We refuse to let our nation become Socialist! We want to return our country back it the way our Founding Fathers wanted it! I'm working on some project for our family to do our part!

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Rachel Smith said...

Okay now!! I love the new song! It brought back memories of us singing that after the movie.