Friday, July 27, 2007

Dr. appointment

Yesterday was my first dr. appointment for the new baby! It was so exciting, yet I was really nervous! My mom went with me, and we had a great time. Yesterday was also J's 6th birthday. It was really awesome that on my first son's birthday, I was going to the doctor for our new baby! They confirmed that I am 8 weeks preggers. My due date is March 9, 2006. Of course that may change after an ultrasound. I am already starting to show. Some people ask me if I am having twins, but I just say that everything happens faster with #3. I wonder if ladies with lots of children start showing as soon as they find out?

I really felt crappy today, so no school! We will do some tomorrow! Just an update!


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Anonymous said...

I have some goodies for you! I am sending them out today. I will do better with sending surprises *on time* in August.

Your {Secret Sister}