Monday, January 26, 2009

Motivate Me Monday - Do I really trust God?

"Do I really trust God?"
At first reaction to this question, any "good" Christian would automatically say "of course." But when it comes right down to we really trust God to do what He says He will do?
This year has been a very trying time for my immediate family. My two brother's have been scheduled to go to Iraq in March of this year. We all knew that it would eventually happen, but their deployment kept being pushed back and we kinda just put it out of our minds. As 2008 progressed we knew time was getting shorter and shorter. My heart just broke and it still breaking knowing that one of them was leaving a wife behind. As a family we tried to make the most of every occasion and celebration, and spend as much time together as possible.
Finally the day arrived when they had to leave for their training. For me the hardest part was my brother Benjamin leaving. He is so young, and really hasn't got a sense of what the Lord has for him in his life. I worry about him the most. After a very tearful goodbye, I came home with a broken heart. I really hadn't had peace from God about them leaving. When I got home, I sat down at the computer and saw my Bible laying there. A still small voice asked me if I really truly trusted what it said..."Yes, I do trust what it says." At that moment I had the peace of God that passes all understaning, and I KNEW everything was going to be fine.
We say alot of time with our lips we trust the Lord, but when the rubber meets the road, do we truly trust the Lord, in our souls? If we truly trusted in the Lord in all things, I think it would drastically change our lives. What would I do with all my worry time?? LOL


Sarah Mae said...

Great post! I always think I trust Him fully, and then something comes up and it's like He's saying, "Okay, let's deal with this now."

By the way - LOVE 24 also! :)

Hope@Pinkadoodledoo said...

It is amazing how difficult it can be to trust at times. However, with each difficult circumstance, it becomes easier and easier. When I walk through a storm WITH Him and see that He brought me through the other side and my life is richer because of it, I realize that trusting Him to get me through is so much better than the alternative! The more I realize that I'm not in control and don't want to be, the more fully I trust. The past 7 years have been difficult for me, but I trust Him more now than I did before! Thanks for sharing this morning!

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Good point! We often say we trust but don't really trust in our heart. I have had him say to me before, too, "Are you going to trust Me?" It's a very humbling place to be.

I hope your brothers are doing well. Thank you for trusting God with their service. May you have a blessed week!

Sarah Walker said...

Jackie says a lot of the time that some days, it is a DECISION to follow God. We may not always have full faith, or even feel like trusting him completely. But knowing his love and mercy gives us the strength to just decide to trust him anyways!

I love your background... remember when we use to sit in church with a box full of these things and giggle??!! Oh the memories....

Kyla said...

This is a wonderful post . . . and SO true! When times are hard, trust is more difficult to deal with. But knowing that the Lord guides our footsteps, through peaceful meadows or blazing fires, and that He is always with each of us every step of the way, is a true comfort.

I'll keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.