Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Republican Presidential Debate

Did you watch the debate last night? We did! My husband and I love politics. I have always loved politics! Here are my top picks for Republican nominee.

1. Tom Tancredo
2. Ron Paul
3. Duncan Hunter
4. Fred Thompson
5. Mike Huckabee

The first two pick are probably interchangeable. I am a true conservative. The "Rudy McRomney" team are true liberals under the guise of conservatives. Mitt Romney may pull the Morman thing out when necessary, but if you listen to his answers he isn't as conservative as people are led to believe. John McCain is so left he can't even find the right. Sam Brownbeck is to syrupy for me. I think Tommy Thompson has a toupee...... etc. etc. etc.

If we could have a debate with conservatives actually asking them questions, I think we would get a lot better feel of their views. NO more liberal biased media feeding questions.

My husband is really considering joining the Constitutional Party...I haven't made up my mind yet. It really is a catch 22. Do you vote your true prinicples and know that you vote probably won't count or do you vote for the lesser of two evils.....still pondering that question.

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crystal said...

I considered the Constitution Party as well. I'm a registered Libertarian but I'm a little "right" of the lunatic fringe. That being said I could NOT vote for Ron Paul. He's nuts.
Rudy is for gun control and won't even stand up for his faith- no
Mitt is a little too leftist.
McCain is not even an option.
Tancredo sounds like a Star Wars guy.
Fred Thompson is my pick. He's solid, he's electable, he's reasonable, he's logical, he's strong, he's witty, he's personable (it's important!). His only 2 strikes are the CFR and McCain Feingold. He has reasonable explanations for both of those so they aren't even strikes in my book.
I've been backing Fred since before Thanksgiving.
Amnesty and Border control are huge issues that need a strong pressense in the presidential seat. I think Fred's the guy. He said "A soviegn nation must have secure borders" It kinda says it all.
Sorry, I rambled. I'm a politics junky too.
Speaking of politics, T and I are off to see Glenn Beck in the morning. W00T! So I need to get to bed!

crystal said...

oh, I forgot to add,, Fred has a near perfect voting record! That is the proof in the pudding!

All Blog Spots said...

nice blog

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Miranda!
Great to see that we are both Republican..and both like Fred Thompson..I look forward to learning more about you through your blog..and I am excited to send you your first gift!

Have a beautiful day!
*{Your Secret Sister}*