Thursday, September 4, 2008

Is your house a home or a business......?

Psalm 4:6 "There by many that say, Who will shew us any good? Lord, lift thou up the light of thy countenance upon us."

Our homes are to be a refuge and a place of safety and peace for our families. Sometimes when you are in the home everyday, your home sometimes becomes your workplace or business. Things are pressing on you, pressures to perform to perfection, child training, teaching, and people and tasking are demanding attention. It is not just homeschooling moms that face this, but every mother trying to raising their children biblically and wives that are trying to be a helpmeet to their husbands.

The end of this verse is really what I want for my home and family. I pray that the light of God's countenance will shine in and out of our home. The first part of the verse is like the world outside, "is there any good anywhere." I pray through my home and life my family, friends and strangers my see the light of God's countenance in me.

It is my duty as a wife and mother to make my home as God would want it, but is also has to be a place of refuge, safety and comfort for me. If it feels like my workplace it will not be comfortable and I will want to go "home" sometime.

"Please forgive me Lord for making my home more business-like than a HOME. Please help me to see what changes need to be made. Thank you for your forgiveness!"


Aaron and Rachel Smith said...

You are right. Home being a refuge can be a difficult task at times. I think we women are more guilty of this than the men. Home is where we do our most important work, and we tend to look at it as business. Unfortunately when we do this, we are failing at the work. We really should look at home as our most important ministry- the one that is our main responsibility - our husbands and our children. Then yes we must not think of home as work and business or we will want to run away from it to find rest rather than to it. There will be a start of trouble. I definately understand and pray this prayer with you.

Jennie Bender said...
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