Monday, September 29, 2008

Little Miss Liberty is 7 months old today!

Liberty is officially 7 months old today. She was a Leap Day baby so her birthday will only come every 4 years. We had so many different reactions from people when they found out what day she would be born. Everybody knows somebody who is a leap day baby.

I was okay when she turned 6months, but 7 is a different story. I think that it is too near 12 months for me. I kinda feel like she was never little. She was a big baby! I hate that time flies so fast. Anyway, I love you baby girl!

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Aaron and Rachel Smith said...

Very cute picture. She is really happy! I wish I could keep Justus little too. He is the last, so I am trying to make his baby time last as long as possible.

I like her bedding. Really dainty!

Aren't those grocery trips interesting with the kids? I know mine are! Sometimes all goes well, other times I come home exhausted.