Thursday, September 4, 2008

Miranda's Cookbook

Hey guys! Check out my new blog,! This blog will be my virtual cookbook. I will posting recipes that I love, and I hope you will add yours as well! I hope that it will a place of inspiration on those days when you just don't know what to cook!


Jennie Bender said...

Hello there=)

Thanks for your note on my blog=) I do love my crew! Looks like you have quite a fun time with your children, too! That is wonderful.

My mother home schooled us for many years. We were in a very rural area in Kentucky where there were no good Christian schools. We really enjoyed the time we spent in home schooling.

She always made every day fun. She searched for each of our individual interests to help us find our niche in life. I love her for it. She helped us grow.

I am going to try your bars! You should add a link on your side bar (use your gadgets and add your recipe address)=) so your friends can go there from here.

I also use my labels as my headings to keep my recipes in a category(1-- Cookies, 1--Desserts, 1--Pies **the number one would denote only sweet things...

***2--Main dishes and all 2's would be a similar dish for a main meal, (2--Main Dishes, 2--Casseroles) and so forth...)

That way you will be able to find them easily as if it were a cook book=)and you can always add without having to modify your "Catalog." I have figured this out the hard way=)

I also have files in word similar to my blog "catalog" headings. I copy and paste them into my Word file, so I have them on my hard drive, and I also copy and paste them into my blog for my family and friends. If you want a picture from the internet, click "save image as" and put it on your desktop.

Then you can upload it to your blog from there. I also do the same in my Word files I mentioned earlier. It doesn't take anytime at all to save them in Word, and it makes certain I have them permanently=)

I made my blog because I am always into something new. I like having a family blog for our relatives and friends. But, I also like to show my mom my latest adventures=), finds, and conquests--if I have one=)

Thanks for your note! Have a wonderful day! Stop by anytime=) I will check back to get some of your recipes=) Leave me one anytime=)

Closing my novel!
Jennie Bender

Jennie Bender said...

Me again--You will have to go into your "Layout" section and enable the "label" Gadget and post it on your side bar.

Then on that same page in your "BLOG POST" SECTION--if you want to set it up that way=)--put the check mark beside "Labels", and that should do it. Then they will show up on your side bar. You probably know all this already=) I just wanted you to know, to save you the time I have spent doing it=)

Have a good day--again!
Do you have a strawberry chess bar/fruit bar recipe?