Friday, September 5, 2008

Wii fun

My brother Benjamin loaned us his Wii for a couple of days and the boys (and daddy) have been loving it! We are definately Wii fanatics now! I actually was little sore from playing Wii sport. It really gets you moving! Hopefully Santa can get us one for Christmas! I personally like the Mario Kart game. Of course I am a child of the 90's so anything Super Mario brothers is pretty cool to me.

New phrases heard as playing Wii:

"Oh man, I've been shrinked and inked." - Jacob

"You just got shrinktified" -Jacob (I think this one is found in the NIV somewhere LoL)

"Holy manroad, mom" - Caleb (translation - "holy mackrel)

The Wii's time in our house is almost up, it goes home tomorrow.
Will I miss it? yes and no
Yes - I think it is fun
No - boys are obsessed with it

The Wii definately gets my thumbs up!


Jennie Bender said...

Hey, thanks for the advice on the chess bars/gooey cake=) Funny names=) I will look it up. Sabrina loved the strawberry bars when she had them.


Aaron and Rachel Smith said...

Ya'll are having a good time. We have yet to experience the Wii. Sounds like good fun for the whole family to be involved in. Aaron does have an X-Box that he plays, but the kids are not really old enough for it yet. Plus the games are just not very child appropriate. Nothing good like Mario Brothers. Finding a good one is difficult. Aaron pretty much just sticks to the sports. (My sister in law has the Mario theme song as her cell phone ringtone.)