Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Hey Guys! I wanted to share with you about a new program I joined. It is called e-mealz. I don't remember how I found it, but I read somewhere that it was approved and recommended by Dave Ramsey, so I checked it out. It is a meal plan based on what is for sale that week at your store of choice. I picked Kroger because I normally shop there. They also offer Wal-mart and other stores. They also have weight watcher plans, low-fat, low-carb, 2 people plans, and 4-6 people plans. Every Sunday I download their menu plan and shopping list. It is may third week. The meals are actually real meals my family will eat. For example. Monday night - Baked Pizza rolls and salad. Tomorrow night- cheese tortellini casserole, green beans and french bread. It is $15.00 for 3 months. Not a bad investment at all! There is a link for e-mealz at the bottom of my blog. I hope you check it out! I love it!

Peter and I have been following Dave Ramsey for about 2 years. Slowly but surely we are getting out of debt. With the Lord's help we hope to someday be "debtfree!"

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Aaron and Rachel Smith said...

I am not sure I know who that is. Is he the guy from Hyles Anderson?

I am going to check out the link later. I've got to get to church.