Monday, October 13, 2008

A Simple Woman's Daybook

OUTSIDE MY WINDOW... is a blue sky and sunshine. I can hear someone weedeating their lawn.

I AM THINKING .... My boys need to stay outside and play!

FROM THE LEARNING ROOMS...School is finished for today! We had a great day!

I AM THANKFUL FOR ... an Aldis nearby to go and do my grocery shopping, and I am also thankful for a our vacation in 4 days!

FROM THE KITCHEN .... Lasagna and garlic bread

I AM WEARING... a denim skirt and a west virginia mountaineers t-shirt

I AM HOPING .... I can catch up on laundry!

I AM READING...KJV Bible, The Way of the Master by Ray Comfort

I AM CREATING.. some sanity in my day!

I AM HEARING... Liberty play beside me

AROUND THE HOUSE ... is controlled chaos (I think)

ONE OF MY FAVORITE THINGS .... is Liberty's smile and babbling!

A FEW PLANS THE REST OF THE WEEK ... wed. - church, thurs.- pack for trip, fri.- leave for South Carolina!



Anonymous said...

I love your picture. It made me laugh. I am so glad I am not the only one that does that.
I only have three people to wash for, but if I do not keep it up it ends up looking like that. And that actually happens quite frequently. LOL
Have a blessed day!

Tina Kay

Aaron and Rachel Smith said...

I am laughing hysterically! I have definately stood before that mountain before. I also pile my laundry on the couch when I don't have time to fold it. Then I end up doing it that night when Justus is asleep. Otherwise, he just knocks over all my nicely folded clothes.

Sarah Walker said...

So I'm NOT the only one who has that much laundry!! Only my pile is spread all over the house... seems less confrontational that way! ha ha! And, fyi, we also had garlic bread this evening,,, with spaghetti! So not exactly the same, but still!! Hope you have a wonderful week! Love ya! :)