Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Kmart is bringing back layaway!

I just saw the funniest commericial on tv. Kmart had a whole commercial dedicated to their layaway department. Layaway was really big here in WV until everyone started getting credit cards. My mom always layed away our christmas present, school supplies ect.... Once everyone had credit cards, layaway became very uncool. I guess with the credit crisis layaway is back in. My sister-in-law will rejoice because she was still laying away thing up to 2 years ago.

LAUNDRY UPDATE....I wanted to give you all an update on the laundry pile. It is now folded and put away. Yet it starts again.......

Is anyone else a perfectionist or is it just my personality quirk. I am such a perfectionist that I am driving my husband, my self and children crazy. Anyone have any suggestions on how to deal????

Well, better go, might post more later!

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