Thursday, October 2, 2008

A normal day....

today is basically a normal day in our house. Nothing usual or different. We had a great Bible time today in school. They boys really got into it. We have been studying George Washington and the boys made a tri-cornered hat, which they thought was fun.

Tomorrow the kids (all the kids) are going to grandma's to spend the night. This will be the first gime Liberty has slept over at anyone's house. I'll either go shopping or my s-i-l wants to go to the pumpkin festival.

Saturday, Peter and I are attending a Way of the Master conference with our church. It is the ministry of Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron (Growing Pains). I am so excited! I am excited for the spiritual experience, but also to see Kirk Cameron!
Their website is


Aaron and Rachel Smith said...

Kirk Cameron-- Are memories of your childhood flashing through your head?

I hope you guys have a great conference. What church are you going to now? Is it the same one we went to for your wedding?

Susan said...


My name is Susan Altamirano and I am a homeschool mom from the Sissonville area. I am also going to the conference and will be attending the 2nd session. It would be nice to meet another homechool mom who has an interest in evangelism.