Thursday, October 30, 2008

Going to Vote, Halloween, and no tv........

Peter and I are going to vote early today. To be honest, I still don't know who I am going to vote for. The only sure thing is that I will NOT vote for Barak Obama. My two choices are John McCain or vote for Chuck Baldwin with the Constitution Party. I have went over all pros and cons for either decision. If I vote third party is that a free vote for Obama, and if I vote for McCain am I compromising my personal values. I do not like John McCain. Out of all the men that were running in the primary he was my least favorite, and still is. I really haven't said anything about this election, but as it nears I guess it is time to speak my mind. I believe (biblically) that Sarah Palin should be focusing on raising and training her children than running for vice president of the United States. The were tons of men that had her same values that could have been picked for a running mate. As Christians, we were horrified at a Hilary presidency, or that a woman would be our president, but with Sarah Palin we are quick to "go with the flow for the sake of the party." I am not saying Sarah Palin is not qualified, (which I think she is) or is capable of being vice president. I just personally feel that she should consider her role as a wife and mother first. Is it right that we have to always choose between the "lesser of the two evils?" Should we start trying to vote for the real candidate of our choice? Chuck Baldwin of the consititution party is right down the line with our values. Has the media so indoctrinated us that there really is only two parties of choice. I don't know.........I let you know what I decide tomorrow.

Tonight we are taking the kids to Billy Bob's to play games and have pizza during trick or treat hours. They always have a blast. We are usually the only ones there, which is great!

We are considering getting rid of our cable, in turn our t.v. Does anyone else not have t.v.? How do your children do? Is there a long adjustment period?

Well, I'd better get Liberty. I promise not to get political again for another 4 years!


Aaron and Rachel Smith said...

I feel that, unfortunate as it is, yes during this election there really are just two serious candidates being considered for president. I don't necessarily like it, and I definately do not like either of the candidates.

I too have questioned, "Do I really have to pick b/t the lesser of the two evils." However, I honestly believe the best answer is yes. This is how I am looking at it: As I check the McCain box, I am not voting yes to McCain; I am voting no to Obama. My choice is not yes, but NO!!!

My dad says that if Obama wins he will be flying his flag at half mass for at least a week, because he will be in mourning for the country.

warren said...

We still have a tv but we do not have cable. We get the local stations. The kids don't watch tv though (we barely do). We only keep it for the nighttime news. My kids are well adjusted and seem to do fine. My oldest is in 3rd grade. I suppose at some point they will wonder what their friends are talking about but so far, we have no issues with no tv

Shane and Kristy Davis said...

We have a tv, but no cable. our new town we don't even get one channel-which is probably best since Canadian tv is quite liberal. My kids don't miss it at all. There are so many other things going on-home school, playing outside, church and activities, people stopping by, etc . We do have our movie nights(which I will not give up easily) and the kids sometimes watch a video during the day. Anyways.... just how it works at our house.