Thursday, October 23, 2008

A wonderful day!

It has been a wonderful day today. Things have not gone as planned today, but I have so much to be thankful for that I am not going to let the devil steal my joy today! God has blessed me with the greatest husband in the entire world, beautiful children, a home to make my own, and health to do what He has commanded me to do!

Thank you Lord!!!


HsKubes said...

Good for you!
We (frequently) have days that don't go as we had planned but, as you said, we don't have to let the devil steal our joy!
Whether things happen intentionally, unintentionally, or even get tossed by the wayside from our own neglect, we can always make the most of it from where we are and we can give praise and thanks to Him for all of His blessings. This was an encouragement to read.

I originally came by to say thank you for visiting me and for the kind words you left. They were a blessing.
I hope you are able to learn how to sew. It has been such a blessing to me since I learned quite a few years ago. It is impossible for us to find modest dresses otherwise and we love being able to sew inexpensively and to our own liking.
Hope you enjoy the rest of your week.
~ Christina

The Sommer Family said...

Hey Miranda, so glad you got some time off! I'm learning how much work home schooling actually is (and I only have one student!)! Enjoy the stretch of school until Thanksgiving!
And now, tag, you're it!

Aaron and Rachel Smith said...

Enjoy your day! I will be thinking of you.